Call Steps

What are Call Steps?

Call Steps are non-email campaign steps that allow users to make calls to prospects. 
Like a Task Step, the prospect's journey in the campaign will be paused when they reach the Call Step in the campaign. 

Note: A prospect needs to have a phone number so that they can be called when they go into a Call step.

How to create a Call Step? 

Step 1. Go to Campaigns →  Create or Select an existing Campaign →  Steps →  Click on Add a Step or Click on the Plus Sign Button. 

Then, click on 'Call Step'. 

Step 2. Compose a call script that will be available to read when a prospect goes into the Call step. 

Tip: You can use attributes to automatically populate prospect details in the script.

How to make a call? 

When a prospect's journey goes into a call step, their journey will pause and a Call Task will be generated in the To-Dos.

On the To-Dos page, open a Call Task to see the call script for a specific prospect.

Click the Call button to dial the prospect's phone number using the call application associated with your browser. (Example: AirCall, Skype, RingCentral)

Once the call is completed, you have two options: 

  • Close To-Do & Resume Journey
  • Remove the To-Do & Cancel Journey