How to Integrate with Aircall

What is Aircall?

Aircall is a virtual phone system that can integrate with QuickMail to make call steps more powerful.

Why integrate with Aircall?

Integrating with Aircall can help you be more productive when doing call steps.

This integration removes the need to manually enter data in QuickMail after each call activity.

For example, you can apply tags to prospects and make notes on Aircall during and after a call.
After tagging prospects and making notes on Aircall, the tags and notes will also sync with QuickMail.

Upon calling your prospect in QuickMail through Aircall, the data of the prospect will also be displayed on the caller insights card.
The caller insights card also has a link to your prospect's profile in QuickMail, so you can easily pull the prospect's information up.

How to integrate with Aircall?

To integrate your QuickMail account with Aircall, just head to your QuickMail account Settings -> Add-ons -> click Aircall under Phone.

Note: If you don't have an Aircall account yet, you can sign up for a free trial here.

You will then be re-directed to the Aircall website.
Log in to your Aircall account and head to Integrations.

From the Integrations page, you will see a list of apps.
Look for QuickMail and click the icon.

Next, you will be redirected to a page where you need to authorize QuickMail to access your call information in Aircall.
Click Authorize.

Note: If you have an agency, managing multiple organizations, you will be redirected to the Account Selector page. 

This is where you can select which QuickMail organization you want the Aircall integration installed.

Next, choose any of the numbers that you have in Aircall and click Add Number.

Upon adding a number, you will be redirected to a page that confirms the successful installation of the integration.

Once Aircall integration has successfully been installed, you can now see that Click-to-Call has been activated in your QuickMail account.

You can also see the list of the team members of the account.
From this list, you can assign a number to each of the team members, so they can start calling prospects using the assigned numbers.

Once Aircall is set up in QuickMail, your tags in QuickMail will automatically sync with Aircall and vice-versa.

This is how Aircall integration looks like in QuickMail.

Finally, you can now add a call step to your campaigns and start calling prospects.

For more information on how to create Call Steps, check out this article -- Call Steps

Note: For Aircall to work, you must have the Aircall app installed on your computer.