How to Share Sequences

You can generate a share link to show other people your entire sequence.

This is also a convenient way to let other QuickMail users copy your entire sequence.

To generate a share link:
1. Go to Sequence -> List -> “view” the sequence you want to share > Settings

2. Scroll all the way down to the section that says “Share this sequence” .
Click “Generate Private Link”

3. Click “Shareable Link”

4. A new window/tab should open, showing you the entire sequence. You can copy the URL in the address bar and use that to share your sequence to others.

To copy sequences:
When you share the link with someone who has a QuickMail account, they'll be able to preview the Sequence, and copy the Sequence Shared ID:

Then, in their own QuickMail account, they can head to Sequences > Sequence List, and use the Menu in the top-right corner to Copy Shared Sequence:

They can enter the Shared Sequence ID there to create a copy of that Sequence in their own account:

They'll then be able to rename the Sequence, or make any edits they might need to to make it their own!