How to Add an Email Signature

QuickMail does not support Email Signatures that are automatically appended to your messages.

You can, however, format a block of text in QuickMail, and use that in your subsequent touches. 

First, compose a signature in QuickMail in the message editor. Next, click the HTML button in the editor ("</>") to show it in HTML. Copy the text and save it in an easily accessible place (a notes app, or similar.) That way, it'll be handy for use in the future.

Now, moving forward, when you create a new email touch, all you'll need to do is switch to the HTML editor and paste that text. Switch back to the regular editor, and you can compose your message!

Some may want more fancy signatures with images, links, and different colored text.
For that, here's a sample signature that you can edit and use yourself.
Here’s the sequence link, to see how it looks:  View
Here’s the HTML:  View