How does the {{=colleagues}} attribute work?

{{=colleagues}} attribute is a pre-computed attribute that automatically transforms to the names of the prospects within the same company and group EXCEPT for the name of the recipient.

Let’s take this simple list as an example to show how it works (let’s assume that this is the entire list)

Jared Dunn, Richard Hendriks, Erlich Bachmann, Bertram Gilfoyle and Dinesh Chugtai are in the same company (Pied Piper).

If we send Jared Dunn an email with {{=colleagues}} attribute in the body,
the {{=colleagues}} attribute will be replaced by “Bertram Gilfoyle, Richard Hendricks, Erlich Bachmann, and Dinesh Chugtai”.
If it’s Dinesh to receive it, it would be “Jared Dunn, Richard Hendriks, Erlich Bachmann, and Bertram Gilfoyle.”

Notice that Gabe Newell did not get mentioned – that’s because he’s in a different company (Steam).
Only prospects in the same company will be mentioned. 

In case you're emailing using another language, you can also change the connector word "and" under Settings -> System -> Localisation.

There is also an option to limit the colleagues attribute to only resolve to prospects from the same group and company. You can enable that under Settings -> Team -> Colleagues need to share the same group: