What Are Prospect Groups for?

Having your prospects in Groups is needed to use some of Quickmail’s automation capabilities like scheduling sequences to start automatically, manually adding prospects to sequences, and manually verifying emails. 

To start:
Go to Prospects > Groups > Click Create Group:

When importing prospects, you can directly import your prospects to an existing Group:

From the Prospect -> List page, you can also use bulk action to move selected prospects to a different Group.

Note: The (…) under the column ‘Group’ means that the prospect is not in any group.
If a mistake was made and prospects were imported to your list without specifying a group, you can still move those prospects to an existing Group by doing the import again and ticking the “Update existing prospects”.

Warning: Make sure you only move prospects who are “Not Emailed”. 
If you want to take/transfer ownership of prospects already in a sequence, it’s best to stop that sequence first.